Creating a live image

1 May 2016

Event: Live image creation at benefit concert for students at the SRT Biodanza School in Montreal
Location: École de musique Arquemuse, 870 avenue de Salaberry, Quebec City
Date : 30 April 2016


Over two months ago, I received an invitation to take part in this event and create a live image during the concert. I received this by email on a Sunday evening.

My first reaction was: I’m not ready for that, following that doesn’t make sense, with the classic I don’t have enough confidence in my ability to do that.

Of course, when I went to bed, it all went round in my head. This was followed by a series of images that formed and collided during the night. After a merry all-nighter, I let go and said I was going to take part.

Benefit concert 30 April 2016


I decided to do one image a week so that I could feel confident. It lasted 13 weeks, the fourteenth of which was the concert.

It made me experiment with light and shadow in a way I’d never done before. No more waiting until the last minute to agree and communicate on how things are going to work in practice.


The day of the concert. I was feverish and, let’s just say, out of sorts and in a state, in short, nervous. I went to see how I was going to be placed in the room. I went by car, because I didn’t want to go up Côte Salaberry twice in one day. For those who don’t know it, it’s a very steep climb from Quebec City up to the upper town.

So I went there around 2pm, came back home to make a sheet explaining how I create my images, redo some business cards, make a little video with images from 2015 / 2016 to show the world what a finished image looks like. By 5.15pm I’d finished, by 5.30pm I’d finished supper and I was off to the upper town on foot with my rucksack containing the drawing book, pencils, pencil sharpener and tablet with the video. Let’s just say I shook off the rest of my nervousness on the way up to the concert hall.


Finally, it’s here. I settled in a bit like a lion in a cage. Say hello to people as they arrived, as I knew 2/3 of the room (45 guests plus artists and organisers). I put my earplugs in because my ears are very sensitive to high-pitched sounds, and the flute is a pain in the arse in that respect. The earplugs created a bubble for me by muffling the sounds a little, which was perfect for enjoying the vibrations of the music without being distracted.


I was instructed to try not to make too much noise during the first half of the classical concert, as concentration can easily be lost with distracting noises. The constraint became an inspiration that brought a softness to the image that would not otherwise have been present. And I was able to let loose during the second part, which was a bit more cabaret, with even a slam.

I was particularly moved by Charles Aznavour’s ‘La bohème’. Imagine for a moment, I’m creating an image and I’ve got a song about the lives of artists who create for the love of life. Let’s just say the thrills were there.

And during the silent auction, I got, I think, 7 bids for my image, which had just been created. That’s a lot when you say that there were around 50 or so people on site.

Afterwards, it was back to the house with a good walk and fireworks in the brain. Plus a brunch the following morning with the evening’s organisers and artists. This made for a pleasant landing. In short, it was a great experience, and one that could be repeated.


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