371 – Surrender

12 December 2023

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Well, with 371 – Surrender I’m not taking the easy way out. I’ve realised that, to date, I’ve mainly reinterpreted images that ‘challenge’ me, make me uncomfortable, and get my coconut working.

Surrender, let go, allow yourself to be carried along by events with curiosity and openness, and allow yourself to be surprised by the paths that open up to you.

For the next 12 images, I’m going to choose one per year between 2011 and 2022 and create a new interpretation. A detour into my history.

Image reinterpreted 9/12: 2019 Surrender

Live from the Android tablet and stylus.

* Image from the 2023 gallery, also available on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Threads

371 - Surrender - Evolution