30-day challenge

18 April 2015

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30 days, 30 images 5.5″ x 8″

The 30-day challenge is a personal challenge that I carried out in February/March 2015.

  • I draw in the evening.
  • I digitise the image the next day.
  • I process the image and place it online.
  • And here I go again.

It was all done with a sketchbook, The Gimp free software, music and a lot of time. An average of around 4 hours per image. The images are at 600 dpi, which means they can be output at 11 x 16 inches and above. See the 2015 gallery.

Here’s the challenge summed up in a nice little home movie made live from Ubuntu Studio with Kdenlive for the pleasure of having a compilation in motion. I’ve been itching to make a video for a while and the images were the excuse. It’s funny, 120 hours summed up in 1 and a half minutes.

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